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Meet The Brothers Green

The Brothers Green has a vision of using the power of New Zealand grown hemp to combat the health issues faced by people & planet.

Our Story

The Brothers Green unlocks the innate power of New Zealand hemp and natural botanicals to create functional food and health supplements that regulate inflammation and help you to experience more from life.

No matter who you are, if you are looking to optimise your health and wellbeing, be it through improved movement, focus, immunity or gut health, our range of functional food and supplements are antidotes to your daily setbacks.

Experience More.


Good friends with a shared vision created The Brothers Green.

L-R: Michael (Agribusiness Professional), Brendon (Pharmacist), Brad (Rural Banker recovering from repeated rugby injuries). The 'Brothers' were later joined by another Lincoln University graduate, Jamie, who joined the trio to improve the farming and production system.

The Brothers Green was founded in 2017 by a trio of kiwi graduates from Lincoln University and Otago School of Pharmacy. With backgrounds in healthcare, agribusiness and rural finance. Late night discussions about the woes and challenges of their respective industries stimulated a conversation to find a solution.

Collectively, Brad, Brendon and Michael had identified the need for healthier food and effective natural supplements that reduce inflammation. Furthermore, they wanted to provide NZ farmers an opportunity to diversify their farming systems, supplement their earnings and reduce climate risk.

An ambitious dream was born.

The solution they found was in a misunderstood, some may say controversial and slightly unorthodox plant, hemp.

Why Hemp?

When Brad and Brendon first met, they immediately found a common passion for human health. They found that hemp could solve a range of issues that they were facing in their jobs and for their own health. Brendon, being a community pharmacist, had seen the first hand impact of poor diet and nutrition on people’s health and the impact chronic disease was having on our communities.

After Brad left Lincoln University in 2014 to follow a dream of playing professional rugby in Southland, he suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery. Following the surgery, Brad discovered how difficult it was to recover while on a range of pharmaceuticals including painkillers and anti-inflammatories. He felt like a zombie for nearly six weeks following surgery and took a number of weeks to get back to work.

In 2017, Brad made the decision to return to rugby, and unfortunately suffered another dislocated shoulder, requiring the same surgery once again. This time, he was going to do everything he could to make his recovery faster and easier. The first thing he discovered was to revamp his diet, by removing processed food and dairy. He went through with the surgery and was back at work four days later without the pain medication and anti-inflammatories. He also felt the best he had ever felt, clear headed and had so much energy.

Brad had started using Hemp Protein as his protein source, while still going to the gym and exercising, and soon after, started using Hemp Oil which aided his recovery post surgery.

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