Meet The Brothers

The Brothers Green has a vision of using the power of New Zealand grown hemp to combat the health issues faced by people & planet.

Why we started The Brothers Green

Firstly, to create a market for South Island grown hemp. This would enable us the confidence to go to local farmers and convince them that there was a future in hemp, and that there were options to improve their business and the environment that we all share. Our farmers are vitally important.

Secondly, our vision needed healthy people. We know that our people are struggling to be healthy, and our food is the biggest contributor to health or sickness. Food can be our medicine. We need to be able to look after ourselves before we can properly help our planet.


Good friends with a shared vision created The Brothers Green.

L-R: Michael (An Agribusiness Professional turned Yoga Instructor), Brendon (Pharmacist), Brad (Rural Banker recovering from repeated rugby injuries). The 'Brothers' were later joined by another Lincoln University graduate, Jamie, who joined the trio to improve the farming and production system.

A group of young Kiwis keen to make a difference, the group have pharmacists, farmers, nutritionists, professional sportsmen and all round passionate people in the team now.

The team merges an environmental rural perspective with that of the human element of health & wellbeing.