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Results That Speak For Themselves

How We Can Help

Experience health with our range of functional products

Unlocking the innate power of New Zealand Hemp and natural botanicals to create functional health food and supplements that optimise your gut health, movement, sleep and cognition.

Customer Experience

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  • New Zealand Made

    Our hemp products are grown, processed and made locally here in New Zealand.

  • Safe for all ages

    Natural and pure, our products ensure a worry-free experience for everyone

  • 100% Natural

    All ingredients used are 100% made from natural sources

  • Conscious Packaging

    Our pouches are certified home compostable made from PLA corn starch.

Where We Can Help

Whether it's stiff fingers, an injured knee, poor sleep or bloating, our products are designed for your specific health challenges. We want to ensure you find the most effective product for you and your body.

Find the solutions you are looking for:

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