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New Zealand Grown Hemp | Mainland Hemp

One of Brother Brad’s driving forces for launching The Brothers Green was to give farmers in drought-prone North Canterbury, the opportunity to grow a profitable and sustainable crop which would give them a future proof farming option. This also needed to meet all of the changing food and environmental trends. He wanted to add to the local economy and give farming families at least the option to diversify, as well as another drought resistant tool in their repertoire. This meant nothing better than growing hemp in NZ. 

Brad gave Farmer Sam a call and sold him the dream - North Canterbury covered in cannabis. Sam, a local Culverden farmer, immediately seized upon the idea seeing the potential in the hemp crop for their own farm and for his region. Knowing strength lies in numbers and power with the people, a coalition needed to be formed. A group of likely young (and old) lads from Lincoln University alumni and Brad’s banking days, came together to form Mainland Hemp. The seed had met the egg.

The Brothers Green NZ Hemp - Mainland Hemp - Growing Hemp in NZ
The Brothers Green whānau standing amongst the organically grown hemp crop in Culverden, NZ. Sam (Mainland Hemp) stands second from the left.


Mainland Hemp is a seed processing and hemp manufacturing company based in the heart of the Hurunui, Culverden. Due to the growing demand from The Brothers Green for NZ hemp, Mainland Hemp were able to contract ten family farms in the area to meet the growing demand, with Farmer Sam’s farm now being the home of Mainland Hemp’s processing site.

The hemp crop is harvested annually before undergoing drying, pressing and packaging or being used in our value-added products.

The Brothers Green NZ Hemp - Mainland Hemp - Organic Hemp Farming NZ
Mainland Hemp’s processing plant in Culverden, NZ.


Organic Farming  NZ - Mainland Hemp - The Brothers Green

Image taken in February, 2020 of one of Mainland Hemp’s hemp farms in North Canterbury, NZ. This crop was a dryland (no irrigation), spray free hemp crop and only received 38mm of rainfall in 3 months. Check out how much that healthy crop stands out amongst all the other extremely dry land in the district!