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Our Hemp Journey

The Brothers Green began with a vision of using New Zealand grown hemp as a tool to combat the health issues being faced by our people, and our planet.

We started The Brothers Green for a few reasons – first, to create a market for South Island grown hemp. This would enable us the confidence to go to local farmers and convince them that there was a future in hemp, and that there were options to improve their business and the environment that we all share. Our farmers are vitally important.

Second - our vision needed healthy people. We know that our people are struggling to be healthy, and our food is the biggest contributor to health or sickness. Our initial goals included simple things such as providing a pure, plant based protein in NZ and educating people on the benefits of a pure, plant based, high protein diet; and we only grew from there. Food can be our medicine. We need to be able to look after ourselves before we can properly help our planet.

The Plant Based Food Movement

This is a huge opportunity to take NZ beyond the commodity protein cycle we are currently addicted to. The Brothers Green are developing a series of products across the FMCG market that will utilise NZ grown Hemp to address the health concerns faced by our people and planet.

There is a growing movement within the millennial generation towards reducing animal product consumption and increasing demand for plant-based nutrition. 

Middle and high income earners are shifting away from processed foods and towards convenient, whole-food products.

Consumers have an increasing awareness of the impact the products they consume, and use have on their health and their environment. We will ensure our products will be healthy and without plastic to meet these consumer trends.