Hemp For Gut Health? How to use it

hemp gut health

How to use Thee Brothers Green Hemp Gut Health Protein Powder. This stuff is powerful, use correctly!

What is Hemp Gut Health Protein Powder?

The Brothers Green Hemp Gut Health Protein Powder is a raw, cold-pressed, hemp extract that’s grown and processed in Canterbury, New Zealand. 

Raw hemp protein powder promotes healthy gut functioning due to these unique properties:

  1. High in prebiotic fibre
  2. Source of glutamine
  3. Contains highly digestible Edestin Protein
  4. Raw wholefood with minimal processing
  5. Naturally contains magnesium and zinc
  6. Clean protein source with zero additives or preservatives

How to use Gut Health Protein Powder

Due to the high level of prebiotic fibre and other natural compounds contained in raw hemp protein powder it is important that you introduce this product into your diet in the correct way. 

Our advice, start low, go slow.

Start by using just ONE teaspoon (5g) daily, you can slowly increase to up to ONE tablespoon (15g) into your smoothie daily for your gut friendly serving of protein.

Try our Gut Health Hemp Smoothie Bundle to experience the benefits of Gut Health Protein Powder and our anti-inflammatory NZ Hemp Oil.

Your gut will take some time to get used to Gut Health Protein Powder, stay on 5g for as long as you need to. Once you start experiencing the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome and gut function you’ll be glad you persisted.

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