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What is a keto diet & 3 ways to eat hemp - Brothers Green

Keto Diet & Hemp

What is a keto diet & 3 ways to eat hemp - The Brothers Green

Recently one of our team members has done a deep dive into the keto world for her own personal use. Henni has given the keto diet three months of trial & error to explore the effect it would have on her overall well being, particularly her digestion & gut health. We sat down to yarn about all things hemp & keto and came out with some pearls of wisdom.

What is a Keto Diet?

Essentially most keto diets are based on a restricted intake of carbohydrates & sugars. The diet consists to 70% our of healthy fats, 25% protein and 5% carbs.

Ketosis State

The process occurs when the body does not have access to carbs to burn for fuel/ energy. Instead the body burns fat and uses the resulting ketones for fuel as opposed to glucose deposits.

What You Have To Do


Protein & Healthy fats intake. Healthy fats particularly avocado, Hemp Hearts and other foods rich in polyunsaturated fats.  

Eliminate & Reduce 

Sugar & carbohydrates. Foods that fall into this category include grains, juice, soda, legumes, rice, cashews & bread.  


3 Benefits of a Keto Diet

1. Reducing Triglycerides in Blood

Triglycerides are a form of fat molecule that circulates in the blood. High levels have been linked to heart diseases. When carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced, studies have shown a reduction in the level of triglycerides in the human bloodstream.


2. Blood Glucose & Insulin 

Control and reduction of blood sugar & insulin levels. This means the keto diet can be extremely beneficial for people with diabetes and insulin resistance. Make sure you speak with your doctor about intentions to try a ketogenic diet before hand.


3. Weight Loss

The Ketogenic Diet can reduce appetite, in turn resulting in a reduction in overeating. Overeating places a huge strain on the digestive system. The diet can play a role in reducing fat percentage, particularly from the abdominal cavity.


3 Ways to Incorporate Hemp into Your Keto Diet

1. Hemp Seed Oil

Pour Hemp Seed Oil on avocado & salads, into your smoothie and over any meal. One tablespoon a day.

Benefits of Hemp Oil - New Zealand


2. Hemp Protein Powder

A low carb, high protein powder that contains essential fatty acids is easy to put in each and every smoothie. The Brothers Green Hemp Protein is delicious with green smoothies.

Benefits of NZ Hemp Protein Powder - The Brothers Green


3. Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts, de-hulled hemp seeds, can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled on meals. They are delicious, low in carbs and high in protein and good fats.

Benefits of eating hemp seeds - The Brothers Green NZ



Is Henni feeling good and healthy? Will she continue a keto diet?

Her answer...

Yes, yes and yes.

While Keto may not be for everybody, I think everyone can take away the fact that reducing sugar, particularly processed sugar, will improve your health.

A major reason people look to try diets is to reduce inflammation, to read more about eliminating inflammation click here.


Experience More.

What is a keto diet & 3 ways to eat hemp - Brothers Green

Keto Diet & Hemp

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