5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

What is Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when your body’s natural defence attempts to fight against things which may cause harm. Blunt trauma, viruses and infections are common examples. Your body triggers an immune response to release antibodies and proteins and increase blood flow.

Chronic Inflammation is when the natural protection response lingers longer that it needs. The blood flow doesn’t stop, the antibodies and proteins continue to be released. This, over a long period of time can have devastating health consequences. Negative impact occurs in tissues, organs, muscles and more.

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation

Possible symptoms include pain, swelling, arthritis, gout, brain fog and poor sleep.

5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Inflammation - The Brothers Green


5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

1. Intermittent Fasting

Most of us have never gone a day without food. Yes, our stomachs and digestive systems are designed to continuously process nutrition and distribute it to the body – organs, bones and muscles. But, in a modern diet filled with over processed foods, the human digestive system is having to cope with inputs like never before.

Fasting comes in many forms, all of which can play a key role in reducing inflammation by reducing the stress on the system. Fasting can assist in detoxification as well.

Intermittent fasting can vary but a common practise includes limiting solid food intake daily to an 8 hour window. Eat lunch, snacks and dinner anytime from midday 12pm to your evening cut off of 8pm. From 8pm to the next lunchtime drink pure filtered water.

While fasting does not suit everyone, for many it can reduce inflammation especially when paired with a diet rich in Omega 3 ingredients such as Hemp Seeds.


2. Meditation & Breath Work

Both meditation and breath work practises can play a vital part in reducing stress related chronic inflammation.

Stress from the many factors in modern society means our body and brain spends too much time in flight or fight mode and becomes less and less able to rest and recuperate properly. This leads to an ongoing cycle of inflammation and more stress.

Using mindfulness practises and various breathing techniques to decrease stress can have an amazing impact on your overall health and wellbeing.


3. Omega 3 Rich Diet

A diet rich in Omega 3 is a key tool in which to reduce inflammation in your body. Replace refined vegetable oils with The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil and increase the proportion of vegetables on your plate.

Look for food rich in Omega 3 and experiment. Trial how you feel after eating certain meals. For some, beef is inflammatory while others will have problems with the variety of plants in the nightshade category. (1)


4. Eliminate Refined Sugar

Sugar is potentially the most dangerous and addictive substance known to humanity in the year 2021. Responsible for rising levels of child and adult obesity, diabetes and more.

One small step in your day of eliminating refined sugar will have monumental effects on your quality of life. Find natural substitutes for your sweet treats. Check out our recipes and get creative.

Replace sugar rich breakfasts with meals high in protein and healthy fats. Swap out the carbohydrates early in your day.

The Brothers Green Hemp Hearts are an example of a food low in carbs and high in plant-based protein and essential fats.


5. Reduce Alcohol Intake 

Alcohol causes inflammation. It is as simple as that. When ingested in amounts that are grouped into chronic binge drinking, inflammation occurs.

Small and mindful amounts can be a part of a wholesome and healthy life. Social connection especially, plays a huge role in shaping our holistic wellbeing. Using alcohol as a treat to partake in small amounts is completely fine.



Try all or some of these techniques to reduce inflammation within your system and therefore prevent health complications and a decrease in your quality of life down the track. 

You could start with incorporating Hemp Hearts, Protein Powder and Hemp Seed Oil into a morning smoothie with greens and fruit. Check out our recipes for other ideas on how to incorporate The Brothers Green Functional Food into your diet.

Click here to find out more about Hemp Oil and why its so good for reducing chronic inflammation. 

You do not need a prescription to begin to eliminate chronic inflammation. Experience More.

A Note from Brendon:

This article shows increasing GLA for reduced inflammation. Those with chronic inflammation seem to have GLA deficiency so increasing hemp seed oil intake can improve this… (2)





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