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Plant Based NZ

The Mission: Nutrition for Our People and Our Planet

Plant Based NZ was born out of an idea. This idea was based on the short but well-rounded experience of two quintessential Kiwi lads. An idea that would over the next few months grow from a brief exchange to the establishment of what we hope to build into a fundamental change in New Zealand’s environmental and economic landscape.

The idea was based around one of the most versatile, sustainable and nutritious plants known to our species. This plant, in ironic correlation to the humans at Plant Based NZ, was shrouded in a mischievous history. Under strict Government supervision, with little public knowledge or understanding, this plant was the subject of unwarranted scrutiny. This had to change, not just for the idea of Plant Based NZ, but for the benefit of generations of Kiwis.

Plant Based NZ aims to provide consumers around the world with a range of natural, convenient products from a sustainable growing and manufacturing system. 

Hemp is regenerative for people and for our environment. A Hemp crop removes toxic compounds from the soil, reduces our environmental impact by limiting nitrogen leaching as well as removing C02 from the air.

We want to teach people how their diet can be their medicine and our bodies are capable of healing and preventing disease.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi. Engari, he toa takitini - Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

The Plant Based NZ Whānau

The Brothers Green | Hemp Food & Nutrition
Kōaka | Hemp Body Care
Original Canvas | Hemp Clothing