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Organic Hemp N' Coffee Vegan Chocolate – The Brothers Green
Organic Hemp N' Coffee Chocolate Bar
Organic Hemp N' Coffee Chocolate Bar
Organic Hemp N' Coffee Chocolate Bar

Organic Hemp N' Coffee Chocolate Bar

The Brothers Green
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1x Vegan Organic Handmade Chocolate Bar: Hemp N’ Coffee

We teamed up with some friends across the ditch to create something beyond outstanding for you! Chow Cacao in Byron Bay produce organic, plant based chocolate bars using sustainable ingredients, fairly traded raw cacao from Peru and raw coconut sugar from Indonesia.

Purchase our vegan chocolate bars as a Single Bar (40g) from Hemp Snacks or as a 3 Pack from Hemp Combo Deals.


About this bar:

The Brothers Green x Chow Cacao Hemp N' Coffee Chocolate Bar utilises the combination of organic NZ hemp seeds, organic coffee beans and 67% Peruvian Chocolate. Nature covered in nature!



These vegan hemp chocolate bars come in eco-friendly packaging! The bag which looks like a plastic film is actually 100% plant based, home-compostable and heat sealed for more freshness and a better taste experience.

The outer & inner sleeve is printed with soy ink, 100% recyclable and can be transformed into a bookmark. You're welcome!

"Life is about balance and joy, so are our chocolate bars." - Founders of Chow Cacao, Will & Trudy.


Here’s What Brother Brendon Had to Say About Our Hemp Chocolate Bars...

These vegan chocolate products are the baby of Brother Brendon who is deliriously happy with the creation he and old school friend, Trudy from Chow Cacao have come up with.

“To be able to do a Co-Lab with a good friend I grew up with is something pretty special. The Columba girls hold a special place in my heart and to be able to bring out a product with Trudy, that has both our company’s names on it, and celebrates my hemp journey and Trudy’s Cacao journey, is something that gives me huge satisfaction.

I see the Hempy-Cacao Co-Lab as an acknowledgement to the special bond the OB’s boys had with the Columba girls throughout our high school years. It is a toast to all of our close friends and family who have witnessed our journeys from day one and are still here supporting us today”.

All of us here at The Brothers Green have been demolishing these vegan hemp chocolate bars. Chow Cacao have utilised the offcuts of our Hempy Bars and the goodness of our organic NZ hemp seeds combined with pure Peruvian Cacao to bring us an incredibly wholesome, vegan chocolate bar. We cannot wait for you to try them!