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The Seed

In October 2017, in an unlikely interaction on Office Road in Christchurch, NZ, an idea was formed. The idea was centred around Hemp. Hemp as a plant based protein that had the power to heal our people and our earth.

Plant Protein NZ

As the research into this plant developed, the idea became more vivid. Wherever we looked, at any source of information, the truly astounding benefits and capabilities of this plant became undeniable. We are looking at the answer to many of late night issues we shared, issues that were too common in our jobs and our everyday life.

These issues stemmed from an agricultural sector which was being divided from their urban cousins. A clear issue with the way that New Zealanders sourced their nutrition and a country who wanted a fundamental change, for both their generation and for the future.

We were dealing with farmer’s, people who spend their life producing the food that many take for granted. These are incredible people who take immense pride in their industry, in the land that they work so hard to maintain and develop, and finally in their contribution to New Zealand.

We were dealing with the everyday health problems faced by all members of society, who were stuck in a cycle of chronic illness and ill health. The tools to deal with these issues would often treat the symptoms of their illness, rather than the cause.

We were dealing with discontent filtering through our society. We could not continue down the current path without addressing the need for change. A need to change our direction, to promote the health of our people, our environment and our economy.

Our vision to facilitate this change was the introduction of Hemp as an unregulated option for both the primary producer and the end consumer. 

This vision needed action. The Brothers Green needed to promote the benefits, address the stigma and reconnect the facts about the immense potential for this plant. The Brothers Green is going to ensure that this cornerstone for change no longer remains an idea.

NZ Hemp has the ability to meet the demands of a world sourcing nutrition in a sustainable form that fits their needs. NZ Hemp has the ability to allow the bioremediation of our soils, to clean up the environment we all share. Finally, NZ Hemp has the ability to show not just each other, but the world that we are serious about our need for change. 

We will not allow archaic misconceptions to limit our progress to a sustainable and powerfully healthy, environmental and economic future.

We have found our purpose.

- Published December 2018