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Our Mission

The Brothers Green are creating our vision of reducing the burden of obesity and addiction worldwide. We do this by using nutrition as our medicine. We have chosen New Zealand grown Hemp to help people improve their health through plant based nutrition.

Our mission began in finding the healthiest protein source, one that would also assist with the health of our planet. There’s no doubt in our minds that the healthiest forms of protein are plant based, and in our minds the healthiest vegan protein is Hemp. Of course, anyone who knows about Hemp will understand that its benefits certainly don’t stop at being a healthy vegan protein option! With this knowledge we are excited to be a part of the bigger picture that is Plant Based NZ. Plant Based NZ have a purpose to provide tatao hoa (our friends) around the world with natural, convenient products from a sustainable growing and manufacturing system, that is the entire Hemp industry. We are developing a series of products that will utilise NZ grown Hemp to address the health concerns faced by our people and planet.

We currently have two other Hemp based companies working alongside us under Plant Based NZ, as we all look to help each other towards the ultimate mission. Kōaka, loosely translated as meaning Hemp in Te Reo Māori, is a Hemp based skincare company utilising locally grown Hemp seed oil as a base for all products. Original Canvas is an apparel company that designs and creates natural garments utilising the world's greatest carbon sink, industrial Hemp.

We offer premium products with more purpose, enabling you to conveniently incorporate plant based Hemp products into your daily routine.

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