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Brother Brendon - A Pharmacist's Experience

The Brothers Green | NZ Hemp Food


After completing post-graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental medicine, Brendon now specialises in natural solutions to medical issues, particularly focusing on plant based nutrition for inflammatory conditions of the skin, mind and body.

Brendon discovered how hemp could be used to create products that can help treat the root cause of these problems, rather than just masking the symptoms.

Brendon’s first product was Beefy Green Protein, a natural NZ protein powder made purely from hemp. Beefy Green Protein offered an all natural, vegan/plant-based protein powder option which Brendon saw was lacking in the NZ market. With a little direction from Brad, Beefy Green went boom and then Brendon started exploring what else this amazing plant that is hemp, could do. Putting his experience as a pharmacist to good use Brendon discovered the power of hemp seed oil for skin health. With this knowledge, the boys branched out into a range of natural, vegan/plant based skin care products, now known as Kōaka.

Brendon uses the entire TBG product range daily, but his favourite has got to be the Hemp Hearts (which he now calls hemp meat) because of the amount of good fats, protein and minerals they contain. “I just have 3 tablespoons a day and then I know all my baseline nutrition is covered”.