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Brother Brad - A Rural Banker's Perspective

The Brothers Green Food Hemp NZ | Brad Lake


A former rural banker who worked with farmers in various farming systems throughout North Canterbury, Brad saw a need for a sustainable cropping and protein option which would offer diversity in markets and meet changing consumer demands.

Hemp offered not only a sustainable cropping option but also the benefit of regenerating our soils and waterways underneath this crop.

This is when Brad met Brendon, and together they agreed that there was a real need for a clean, organic, raw protein powder in the NZ market. With Brendon’s understanding of the intrinsic health benefits of hemp, and Brad’s understanding of hemp’s positive impact on the environment - the answer was clear - and the answer was hemp protein. From here, Beefy Green Protein (a clean, raw, plant based protein powder) was born and this would mark the first step in what was to later become, The Brothers Green.

Brad’s favourite quote is… ‘’We can’t pretend that what we have done for the past 100 years is going to work for the next 100, but we have to be a part of the system to change it.’’ 

Raw Protein Powder NZ | The Brothers Green New Zealand

"This statement sums up why I got into this business. We can't expect to change the current way our economy and society function from the outside. We must understand the way our system works and use new ways of thinking to adjust and enable change. Capitalism 2.0 is the way our society will do business in the future. The consumer will drive businesses and economies to become sustainable and regenerative, or they will fail. Those who degenerate cannot hide anymore, transparency and traceability are becoming standard." 

"When we look back in 100 years, I want to be able to look the next generation in the eye and say we were part of the change, of a conscious awakening to the connection between each other and our Earth."