Water Fast Guide Protocol
Water Fast Guide Protocol

Water Fast Guide Protocol

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Water Fast Guide

Water Fasting Reduces Inflammation

A comprehensive downloadable pdf ebook guide for conducting your own water fast.

3 Month Protocol: 24hr, 48hr & 72hr Water Fasting

The guide book contains instructions for a 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour water fast.

The e-guide takes you through the stages of a water fast including the transition period of refeeding as well as the actual fast itself. You will find important information on the stages of ketosis, what foods to eat in the lead up and what to avoid and much more.

Easy to Follow Water Fast E-Guide

The entire ebook takes you through a 3 month protocol going through a 24hr fast in month 1, a 48hr fast in the second month and finishing in the 72 hr water fast in the third and final month.

A valuable guide for anyone interested in and wanting to explore water fasting as a path to health outcomes. 

This booklet is not health advice, please consult your GP before making any decisions around your fasting.