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The Brothers Green Social Impact

Mainland Hemp - NZ Farm - The Brothers Green

The Brothers Green Social Impact: Hemp Harvest, Human Health, Carbon & Community

Business for Impact

Our reason for existence here at The Brothers Green is to change the way people interact with themselves and their environment. We are seeking to eliminate chronic disease through reducing inflammation. Well, our health interacts with the wellness of the land. Hemp is a plant that help with both. That is the reason we are growing this wondrous plant, we have started an entirely new industry in the region. This is our ‘Why.’ And we are making an impact!


Hemp Harvest

The Brothers Green’s entire supply chain revolves around the Hemp plant. Planting, growing, harvest & processing. An annual cycle that is centred around our facilities near Culverden, North Canterbury in Aotearoa, New Zealand. A plant that offers so much, our business structure seeks to maximise the use of this incredible plant to impact the world!


Human Health

Complete Protein

Hemp contains all 9 essential amino acids and is a complete protein source. (1) 


Hemp seeds contain GLA omega 6 which is a potent anti-inflammatory for both humans and animals. (2)


35g of hemp seeds contain 100% daily recommended intake vitamin E, 33% required intake of vitamin D and 40% recommended daily intake of vitamin A. (3)


35g of hemp seeds contain 100% daily recommended intake of magnesium, 35% of daily required zinc and 30% daily requirement of phosphorous. (4)


Without the need to be grown with insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, ingesting hemp seeds reduces humans exposure to chemicals delivered in their food.


Introducing whole-food plant based foods into the human diet has been shown to help with significant weight loss and keep it off . Of particular impact are foods with low refined sugars. New Zealand currently has the 2nd highest rates of obesity in the world. (5)


Carbon CO2

  • Hemp sequesters 1.6T of C02 per Tonne of hemp fibre. 
  • Between 6-10T of fibre produced per one tonne of hemp seed. 
  • Each one kg of hemp seed grown on average sequesters 8kg of C02
  • Tāpapa NZ harvested 140t of hemp seed over the past 2 years
  • Tāpapa NZ taken 1,120T of C02 out of the atmosphere
  • Each vehicle in NZ produces around 100kg of C02, Tāpapa NZ mitigating effects of 11,200 NZ vehicles over the last two years.



Future Jobs

The Hurunui region is now the only location in the South Island with a toll hemp processing facility. The Hurunui district now has state of the art seed drying facilities, one of only two in the South Island. We have paved the way to be capable of opening up new revenue streams for the district in grass and cropping seed.

Family Farms

Nine growers licensed to grow hemp in the Hurunui over the past two years, where before there was zero. This is a crop that fits well into a family farm’s rotational cropping system. 

Ngai Tahu

Ngai Tahu Farming, the largest private landowner in the South Island is now licensed and growing hemp. A sure sign that a responsible corporate with an incredibly long outlook on return for investment is backing this crop.


Looking to the Future

More Hemp. It is as simple as that. Grow more. Use more. Eat more. Support us by purchasing our products and look after both yourself and the environment. Thank you. 

Read more about how hemp helps target inflammation in the body by clicking here.


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