Target Inflammation with Hemp Seed Oil

6 Areas of Inflammation to Target with The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil


The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil can support our quest to eliminate inflammation in many functional areas of the body. It is rich in Omega 3 SDA (stearidonic acid) - a form of Omega 3 that the body converts to EPA. Hemp Seed Oil is also rich in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) - a type of Omega 6 that has been proven to reduce inflammation.

The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil can be a great added supplement for the following functional areas of your health.

Hemp Oil for Joint Pain - The Brothers Green


1. Joints

Hemp Seed Oil can provide relief for arthritis, stiff joints, mobility trouble and swelling.  We could all do with the ability to move freely and without pain. (1)


2. Skin

It is highly anti-inflammatory for skin conditions including dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and more. (2)


3. Sleep

It reduces inflammation. When airways are inflamed and we are feeling ill throughout the day, this ties in with stress and the ability to sleep soundly.


4. Brain

The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil contains Omega 3 - a key ingredient for brain health. Cognition, focus, concentration and memory can all be improved through a diet rich in Omega 3.


5. Heart

Hemp Seed Oil reduces inflammation for cardiovascular health. Your heart and blood vessels are important - carrying oxygen rich blood to your organs and muscles. Inflammation reduces their effectiveness and can lead to further health complications. (3)


6. Eyesight

The addition of Hemp Seed Oil in your diet provides support for eye health. Studies have shown Omega 3 is an essential component in diets that positively impact the health of our eyes, particularly as we age.



There are many functional areas and systems in the human body that require a multitude of different minerals, vitamins & nutrients as well as oxygen and water to both survive and thrive. Using The Brothers Green Hemp Seed Oil can be a healthy addition to help many of these different functions.

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